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Mark Hilliard Wilson is the conductor, composer, arranger and music director to the Guitar Orchestra of Seattle; also known as GuitarChestra. Mark runs the Guitar Orchestra as a workshop, open to all levels of classical guitarists. The goal of the workshops are to get the (solo) classical guitarist out of their basement, bedroom, living room and into the fraternity of fellow guitarists so music can be made together. The number of players in Guitar Orchestra has ranged from 8 to 40. Wilson has run 25 workshops over the last 10 years, often writing most of the music performed. There is always a specific focus of the music; from programs exploring the cultures of the Silk Road, Latin America, and Spain, to the study of composers from the late 18th century such as Jan Kritic Neruda and Johann David Henichen. Some of the venues Guitar Orchestra has played are Nordstrom Recital Hall in Seattle, Victoria Conservatory in British Columbia, Soundbridge, The Phinney Neighborhood Center, and the annual Seattle Classic Guitar Society Holiday Concert at the Seattle Mennonite Church.

Fall quarter, 2011 will begin in October, and culminate in a performance for the Classical Guitar society at their annual Holiday Concert. This quarter the ensemble will meet Tuesday evenings weekly, 7-9pm, and features the themes of Carols and Lullabies, Chants and Chansons. The Guitar Orchestra meets at St. Thomas Eastern Apostolic Catholic Church, 165 NW 65th St. Seattle, WA 98117.

10/28 Friday, 7:00pm Open Mic at the Phinney Neighborhood Center
12/1 Thursday, 7:00pm The Couth Buzzard
12/2 Friday, 7:30pm Bellevue College Carlson Theater
12/10 Saturday, 6:00pm Seattle Classical Guitar Society Holiday Concert

Tuition is $225.00

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, arr. Mark Wilson

Groove Etude NO.1 by Murray Visscher
Groove Etude NO.2 by Murray Visscher
Groove Etude NO.3 by Murray Visscher
Calling You by Bob Telson, arranged by Mark Hilliard Wilson, featuring Teresa Jaworski
Dance of the Wild Men by Alexander Borodin transcribed by Mark Hilliard Wilson featuring Nicholas Thomas
I.C. by Mark Hilliard Wilson
Good Night, a Russian Lullaby
Kalanta of the New Year